Why 3D Printing Is Important In Education

Ultimaker being used by school students

In Education, Learning With 3D Printing Is Important

3D printing technology refers to the process of building 3D items from a digitally saved file. This is done using an additive process where an item is created through the successive layering of material until it is formed. The advent of this technology has had a great impact on the education sector, in fact, it has brought it to life. 3D printing caught the attention of educators and it is now being incorporated into the classroom. When it comes to learning with 3D printing, there are limitless ways in which the technology can be utilized in educational institutions.

3D printing allows for the authentic exploration of objects that are usually not available in a traditional classroom setup. This technique involves project-based learning where the students get engaged in the learning process. When students are involved, they can discover the talents and developmental resources they need for critical thinking.

Learning with 3D printing is also very exciting since students can get first-hand experience of the subject matter especially in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects.

3D printing technology promotes active learning practices that compel the active participation of the students. It offers more room for interactive learning and activities. For example, teachers in a biology class can create 3D models of human body parts such as the lungs, heart, bones and et cetera. This allows the students to explore and experience objects by touch and feel. This enhances hands-on learning and learning by doing.

Students Learn With 3D Printing

Learning With 3D Printing

Students who learn by 3D get more exposed and in the process. They get an opportunity of experimenting with their idea. This enhances the student’s creativity opening opportunities for them and their teachers alike. It will also change the dynamics of consumer culture whereby the students become passive consumers to active creators.

3D printing teaches students that it is ok to fail the first time and trying again to get better. When young students understand that failure is part of the process, they are never afraid to try different ideas.

This builds confidence and inspires them to think big and hence creating their legacies. It has also assisted teachers in getting their students to be interested in the lesson at hand making it easier to understand complex concepts.

For young children, it is usually hard to figure out what is not visible. Therefore, visual learning improves their understanding of functionality and by being able to see and touch the whole of something. Research shows that 3D printed models are capable of representing information in the most economical manner to facilitate efficient learning.

The use of 3D also has the greatest effect on learning and retention. Unlike conventional classrooms where students can quickly become bored. When students become active through interaction with their teachers, it encourages good behavior and discipline.

3D printing promotes students’ achievements and prepares them for a college education. Foster great confidence to pursue challenging courses such as those in STEM fields. With 3D, students can venture beyond the classroom and explore further their imaginations. This will cultivate innovation where the student can come up with their unique 3D projects that can help to solve problems.

Why 3D Printing Is Important In Education

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