29 Apr 2019
Apr 29 2019

For enthusiastic beginners and specialist in the universal 3D printing community, there are lots of great printing tools available on the internet. You may be interested in sharing producing, downloading, purchasing, or selling 3D printable versions. Perhaps you’re looking to discuss emerging technologies with manufacturers, or have your product prototype 3D printed from a local hub.

Below, you’ll get a collection of the best 3D printing sites, marketplaces and model repositories websites that offer free 3D printer versions to download. Each lets you navigate a wide variety of 3D printing layouts to print at home. Again beginners or advanced level should find resources they can use.

Some of those sites also incorporate storefronts for marketing 3D printing designs. So if you are a 3D modeler and fancy making some …

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4 May 2017
May 4 2017

Preparing Workforce In 3D Printing Project

Since its invention in the 1980’s, 3D printing has been adversely used for rapid prototyping. This is a process that involves the conversion of 3D digital models into finished, tangible and visual products. However, in the recent years, the technology has found its way into the education sector. Technology has revolutionized the way schools teach students.It has also started to evolve into the next-generation manufacturing technology. That is enabling the potential of local production of finished products.

3D Printing Programs

To grow a workforce that is capable of designing and developing 3D printed products is as important as advancing this technology. To meet this needs, it is necessary actively to introduce the use of 3D printing in our learning institutions for both training …

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5 Apr 2017
Apr 5 2017

The 3D Printing Projects

3D printing is a technology that has recently revolutionized the way learning in schools takes place. This technology allows digitally saved files to be converted into three-dimensional physical objects. Most schools are still in early stages of implementing this experiential and innovative technology.

3D printing enhances hands-on learning and learning by doing since it allows students to design and produce three-dimensional models. It also provides opportunities for interactive class activities, school projects as well as in extracurricular activities.

Projects Students Can Make With 3D Printers


Biology 3D Printing Projects

A cutaway earth model project is the best way of imparting the students’ earth science concepts by letting explore the various layers that comprise the earth. Students at the elementary level can reinforce their understanding of the earth’s crust by …

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5 Nov 2016
Nov 5 2016

3D Printing Project: Building A Drone

A few decades ago before the advancement of electronics, we used to play with hand-made models of toy planes and cars. Fast forward to the present day and the same toy planes and cars are fully functional thanks to advancement in technology. With the emergence of 3D printing, quadcopters enthusiasts can design and build their crafts from scratch.

Although it is possible to buy one from market stores, it is, in fact, much cheaper and fun to make one of your own. The process of making 3D printing project is drones offers you a valuable opportunity to learn how the quadcopters work and react to various modifications.

How To Build 3D Printed Quadcopter

3D printing Project:drone

Before making you build your quadcopter, it is important to …

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7 Aug 2016
Aug 7 2016

Building The 3D Printing Projects With The Help Of 3D Printer

Since the advent of 3D printing technology about 25 years ago, it has revolutionized various aspects of our lives. It has found various applications that include product development, rapid prototyping, specialized manufacturing, and recently it is finding its way into the classroom. The use of 3D printing in education and research has tremendously helped to achieve breakthrough results in K-12 and higher education learning. Students are now able to create prototypes of objects that are visible and tangible, making learning interactive.

3D printing projects have also been made possible through this technique, especially in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. The following are some of the objects that you can build with a 3D printer during a school …

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