What Students Can Make With 3D Printers

Science 3D Printing Projects

The 3D Printing Projects

3D printing is a technology that has recently revolutionized the way learning in schools takes place. This technology allows digitally saved files to be converted into three-dimensional physical objects. Most schools are still in the early stages of implementing this experiential and innovative technology.

3D printing enhances hands-on learning and learning doing since it allows students to design and produce three-dimensional models. It also provides opportunities for interactive class activities, school projects as well as in extracurricular activities.

Projects Students Can Make With 3D Printers


Biology 3D Printing Projects

A cutaway earth model project is the best way of imparting the students’ earth science concepts by letting them explore the various layers that comprise the earth. Students at the elementary level can reinforce their understanding of the earth’s crust by letting them print and color each layer. The process of creating the world is both enjoyable and fun for the students.

Engineering And Technology

To a student, the chance to complete a complex 3D print is rewarding and brings a sense of pride. For instance, students in an engineering and technology class can design and develop projects in robotics. This will inspire their imaginations, concepts, and creativity allowing them to choose the robotic designs that best interests them.

It can also provide students with an opportunity to construct their 3D-printed drones. The students will need some non-printable parts such as batteries and motors for operating their drones. The drone frame and other parts can be 3D printed while the students will experiment with different designs.


Biology education has also become more practical and real thanks to the use of 3D printing. Some of the school projects that students can engage themselves in are diverse.

For instance, body organs such as the heart can be 3D printed by the students for learning purposes. Allowing the students to examine the cross-section of the modeled heart closely has a far-reaching impact on their understanding of biological concepts.

The students can also integrate their biology projects with technology. Recreation of the biomechanics of an insect to demonstrate how it performs in flight is possible. When the students get a first-hand experience, it raises their awareness and understands how things around them work.


Architecture 3D Printing Projects

3D printing is making great strides towards students learning and active engagement. In architecture, this technique exposes them to various topics in architecture which involve design, problem-solving, and creating prototypes of projects.

Students can take up bridge designing projects and model them using the 3D printer. This will help the students from an early age to familiarize themselves with concepts and processes that entail manufacturing and design.


3D printing is a tool that can be used to transform the world tremendously through prosthetics. Medical students can take part in projects such as making prosthetic hands. Although this may seem like one small project, it is a very important part of what 3D printing is capable of.

Creating a usable hand for a real patient is both fulfilling besides enabling another human being to live life like everyone else. 3D printing can also be used for printing prosthetics for animals that have missing limbs. For example, a dog with missing forelimbs can have a designed mobility cart that can give him a better life.

What Students Can Make With 3D Printers

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