Listing Of 3D Printing Resources For Students

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For enthusiastic beginners and specialist in the universal 3D printing community, there are lots of great printing tools available on the internet. You may be interested in sharing producing, downloading, purchasing, or selling 3D printable versions. Perhaps you’re looking to discuss emerging technologies with manufacturers, or have your product prototype 3D printed from a local hub.

Below, you’ll get a collection of the best 3D printing sites, marketplaces and model repositories websites that offer free 3D printer versions to download. Each lets you navigate a wide variety of 3D printing layouts to print at home. Again beginners or advanced level should find resources they can use.

Some of those sites also incorporate storefronts for marketing 3D printing designs. So if you are a 3D modeler and fancy making some extra cash, these are platforms for showcasing your work and selling it.

To position the 3D model repositories, we use a comparison accounting for the complete 3D printable designs on a website (defined by some tricky Googly magic, and scoring 95%), also a small tie-breaker juice from the site’s reputation (Alexa Traffic Rank, counting for 5%).


The only content repository for 3D printer versions online is Thingiverse — the deal approximately 1 million STL files, leaving the competition far away. MakerBot Industries, the makers of the Replicator series of 3D printers, operate this site. The website is well established and mature, with a community of expert makers providing free STL files to download in different categories and complexity. As soon as you’re logged in, you can distribute tagged 3D printer models in a personal.


CGTrader is a site to buy and sell 3D designs. They’re not just restricted to CAD files; however, the website offers a choice of printer files to download that can be composed on any 3D printer. Of the tremendous 740,000 3D models available, a large number of 3D printable and can be saved, after signing up for a free account with the website.


This site is a repository and a community for some 50,000+ 3D printer documents on geek and gambling culture. It has friendly relations with iMakr, an internet shop that trades 3D printers and accessories. The MyMiniFactory site provides 3D printer files created by expert designers, with an assurance that they’ve been tested for quality. They also present challenges to 3D designers regularly, and host a large selection of free STL files using a cultural heritage theme known as “Scan the World.”

Lately, a premium store offering became available, where Founders can market their work and earn significant revenue.


A French-Based website, Cults is a community and 3D printer marketplace where designers can sell or share their STL files. The quality of Cults’ 40,000+ free 3D printer models is generally high, together with the equally impressive presentation a significant draw. Users get updates when a new creation is submitted or can follow their designers. They also supply curated collections based on popular high-street brands (i.e., Lego components, IKEA hacks, drones or GoPro accessories). A smart approach: the website supports French, Spanish and English languages.


Pinshape is a website that describes itself as a “3D market full of high-quality designs”. That means that you can find loads of free STL files to download, but also, it acts as a platform to purchase and trade premium 3D printer models. This is the best place if you’re searching for free STL files for miniatures, toys and games,  gadgets, home appliances, and artwork. The community blog is exceptional to read too.


YouMagine is a community site operated by Ultimaker, the open source 3D printer firm, where users can upload and share 3D printer models. Launched in 2013, the website has some solidly designed items, and the free STL files you may download will operate on any fused filament manufacture (FFF) machine. You can browse through over 16,000 free 3D printer models and intriguing handpicked collections.


Aimed at professional  3D designers and artists, 3DExport is a Market for premium 3D printer models which could be purchased and traded. Besides low-poly and 3D generic models, 3DExport provides a decent variety of nearly 10,000 layouts to fabricate. You may also filter your search to discover a little collection of complimentary STL files for 3D printing, with an emphasis on decorations and jewelry.

XYZprinting 3D Gallery

Manufacturer XYZprinting includes a dedicated 3D gallery of free STL files to download. There is no digital rights management that we could find, but you need to register with the website to access the 3D printer models. The vast majority of things here — about 8,000 models altogether — don’t seem to have been printed, provided the power of renderings over photographs of physical objects. However, it’s reassuring to find they’ve committed repositories for the two dual-extrusion and stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing.


Free3D is a good entry point if you’re looking for royalty-free 3D models you can use in CAD or 3D and game design. Alongside an extensive selection of over 60,000 models, the site also maintains a small collection of complimentary free STL files which are labeled as 3D printable. From the appearances of it, not each thing in the part will only 3D printable using an FDM 3D printer, though there are a few treasures to be discovered.

NIH 3D Print Exchange

This website is a wonderful and accessible source for the STEM community; a source for distributing,  sharing and saving 3D printer documents which are scientifically precise or clinically applicable. Collections include roughly 6,500 complimentary STL files for a “heart library,” neuroscience, prostheses, and a “molecule of the month.”


The marketing model for 3DShook is a subscription service for people who want a steady flow of excellent 3D printer files. Package deals range from $10-$50, in addition to monthly, educational, annual and industrial subscriptions for STL files. The 3D printer models are consistently fantastic, and also to convince before you get a subscription, they have a trial gallery of free STL files to save. Among the most overlooked websites for great 3D printer files.


The mission statement of GrabCAD is to “assist mechanical engineers in building great products quicker.” The website offers tools which help users collaborate in the creation of their designs, and some of which includes 3D printer models. Not inevitably the first port of call for a large choice of normal printables, GrabCAD remains useful for complex parts from engineers and designers flexing their modeling muscles. Be prepared though: However marked as 3D printable, not every version really will print.

Apart from free STL files, the website provides the free 3D printing software GrabCAD Print and  GrabCAD Workbench.

3D printing programing on computer



Threeding is an internet market for paid and free 3D printer models. Their platform enables individuals and businesses to purchase, sell or simply exchange any 3D printing layouts. There are more than 4,000 STL files to. It has a 3D printing support so that you could get your 3D printer models assembled and sent to you at just a simple button’s click.


Redpah is a 3D printing design shop offering a combination of paid and free 3D printer models for designers and manufacturers. The repository comprises over 1,200 premiums and free 3D printer files to download. An excellent feature is the ability to arrange 3D printing layouts based on the work of famous designers.

Zortrax Library

In a preceding embodiment, the Zortrax library of STL Files was integrated into their Z-Suite software. Therefore it was only accessible to buyers of Zortrax 3D printers. The business has split the library from the software and made it accessible online. That means you can browse and save free STL files, and assemble them on any FDM machine. It’s a sharp movement, too. The majority of the 850+ 3D printer designs are customized for ABS filament; producers who wouldn’t usually use the stuff might be motivated to provide it an effort.


Repables is a very simple warehouse to download some 600 free STL files for 3D printing. There are not any new fangled community features here, only a barebones website that enables users to upload the 3D printer files they need to distribute and share. The site comprises a lot of small, simple designs, with a charming collection of everyday items and replacement parts for open source printers.


“Just create and sell.” That is the theory of 3Dagogo, a platform to sell and buy 3D printer models. However, a fair number of 3D printer documents are offered at no cost and confirmed by the website for print quality.


This is the ultimate place if you are a dedicated follower of the Open source 3D printing move. Why? Because, none apart from Adrian Bowyer, the inventor of the RepRap Project, sits on the board of directors. Libre3D is a dedicated source for 3D printing help with more than 300 free STL files to download and much more.


The website appears dull and gray, but do not let that fool you. This is a storehouse of 3D printer models designed by NASA. Their STL files are made available free of charge for educational purposes so you can fabricate landmark items in the account of space research such as the Curiosity Rover, Apollo 11 landing site, or the Hubble Space Telescope.

The Forge

This content repository is unique because it comprises the work of only one designer. Zheng3 is a prolific character in the designer scene, and the vast majority of his 3D printer models are either useful or funny (and sometimes both).


STLHive is an appealing website with an emphasis on 3D printer Models for radio-controlled automobiles, robotics, and drones. There are lots of free STL files to download and resources for students, hobbyists, and inventors and loads of STL files, and a feature where you can ask for an object to be designed for a nominal fee.


Instructables is a vibrant and fantastic community portal where users can share their DIY projects, such as things made for 3D printing. Highlighted on the project pages are the tutorials and instructions on how best to create each creation, along with the 3D printer files to download where applicable. Plus, most of the designers are cooperative enough to answer questions submitted by the public.

3D Warehouse

If you’re looking for product design, architecture, or scale models, 3D Warehouse models specializes in hosting anything that has been created with the popular 3D modeling software SketchUp. You can filter their database to get about1600 free STL files for 3D printing picking ‘Show Printable Models’ in their advanced search function.


Over 1 million designers upload their 3D models on Sketchfab. It’s a source of user-generated 3D designs, with an emphasis on character design and sculpture to be used in VR, AR, and gambling applications. Their downloadable 3D printer designs are only a smaller sub-category of a much broader selection, and these are accessible as either free STL files or OBJ files (the difference is that OBJ format comprises color information for innovative printing). If you’re looking for something distinctive, then this is the ultimate place.

Dremel Lesson Plans

US manufacturer Dremel includes a curated portal site of lesson plans to match their Idea Builder line of 3D printers. Depending on the pretext that the Idea Builder can only print in PLA filament, this assortment of 3D printer files is optimized for a secure and reliable experience. The free STL files are excellent to be published in classrooms, and instruction material also accompanies them for teachers.

Polar Cloud

The Polar Cloud is a social platform for free STL Documents and 3D printer models. The point of difference is that these versions are optimized for the polar 3D printer, a system that builds objects utilizing Polar coordinates rather than Cartesian. There is also a strong emphasis on cooperation and education, which challenges to stimulate ambassadors and engagement to explain to you how it is done.


FAB365 is product market for 3D printer documents. Registered users download and can buy, sell models to create at home on their 3D printers. These premium layouts are grouped in themes like artwork, gadgets, home, and design, and there is a dash of humor and elegance. Most of what’s on offer are paid models, but a small collection of 3D printer files is accessible for free.


This website is a unique small project working at the outer fringes of science-fiction fandom. They concentrate on articulated toys and models, with pop culture themes like robots and monsters. The quality of the layouts themselves are excellent; although nearly all them you will need to buy, there’s a download area free of charge STL files to download and “try before you buy.” We recommend the Graphica Ghost as a fun activity.


The Rinkak is a Japanese 3D printing site-though the site may be navigated in English — that provides 3D printer models along with a specialized 3D printing service. They have some impressive partnerships with brands such as Toyota and Minecraft which causes interesting STL files you can 3D print. Although the majority of the features are premium, once signed up, you can explore a small range of free STL files to save.


Shapetizer is a 3D printing market for the Chinese Marketplace, providing 3D printer models in most levels from jewelry to video games. Full functionality is confined to registered users, but when you’re in, there is a mix of free and paid STL files. They also provide streaming of 3D printer files so the 3D printer designs can be prepared and delivered to your device without saving anything.


RascomRas is a Spanish-language website that allows users to upload and share 3D printer models. It is pretty basic, but it’s full support for the RepRap open source project, so it is a fantastic place to get free STL files of elements for “self-replicating” 3D printers. If you want 3D printer files to build your own 3D printer, go here.


Yeggi is an enthusiastic search engine that will crawl through various 3D printing sites for 3D printer models. You can look up a few of the popular searches to obtain an idea of trends in the community is interested in. The user interface is not likely to win prizes soon, although it is a useful tool for discovering STL files for 3D printing quickly. There is also a section for new and popular 3D printer files.


The name speaks for itself, right? STLFinder is an additional search engine for Bringing up results for 3D printer models and STL files. You can also make an account to bookmark your 3D printer files reference. After signing up, you can search through the millions of 3D printer models indexed.

Listing Of 3D Printing Resources For Students

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