Fun 3D School Projects To Complete With Your Students

3d school projects

Are you willing to have a learning journey that keeps learners motivated and interested from start to finish? We have got a selection of 3D school project lesson plans to help get you started. You will strengthen complex STEAM concepts with jobs that encourage innovation and experimentation. You will give your students the liberty to explore, design, and create new things, all in one lesson.

We have selected the following projects to inform you about the trends and projects launched in this sector.

Lesson Plan Resources for 3D Printing

1. C = E X T From Green Money: The Reuse Culture Goes To School


Felfil has joined with Green Money project: this project has set that the goal to bring in the classes of the middle schools and introduce the culture of the reuse of waste materials.

The institute is enriched with our wire extruder Felfil Evo to make discovered wire from plastic waste and to provide it new life printing items for educational use.

Indire: The Italian Project “MAKER@SCUOLA”


Maker@scuola” is a research project of Indire active since 2014. This project, reads by website, examines the specificities of this learning model proposed by the “Maker motion” applied to education.

According to Indire in the 2017/18 schools, which will start projects which include the use of 3D printers will increase exponentially: actually, more than one hundred colleges will be involved in the project, preschool, and primary school.

On the website was created an online archive that contains a series of modeling and printing optimization devices and a place for sharing illustrations and experiences.  Indire also provides free 3D modeling software optimized for 3D school projects SugarCAD.

Print Lab: Perfect Tools For Students


PrintLab provides to schools and teachers everything they need to introduce pupils to 3D school projects, from hardware to lesson tools. Starting from January has been launch PrintLab Classroom, an internet platform with 3D models and 3D exercises for students.

Siemens Stem Day: Online 3D Printing Lessons


Siemens deals with creating teaching materials and teaching activities within classes: it’s an adjourned version and widened of Siemens Science Day developed for the young pupil for 9-12 years. Siemens STEM Day presents resources, tools, and teacher support center.

Create Education: Lessons In Free Download E Teachers Support


This collaborative platform is intended to offer tools and support to help teachers present and incorporate 3D printing technologies in the classroom. There are tools for project ideas, professional development, and lesson resources.

THINGIVERSE Education: Models In Free Download In The Makerbot Platform


Thingiverse Education provides over one hundred lessons that make teaching using a 3D printer more effective and more straightforward. Additionally, it is possible to combine a community where teachers can exchange information and ideas.

We believe that this sort of activity will encourage students to take a more participatory and appealing way by offering skills for students in employment.

Many Thingiverse lesson plans include detailed directions activity sheets, photographs, and much more. You will keep them engaged with interactive activities like designing artifacts, building bridges, making 3D-printed games, and more. Keep reading to check out some lesson plans that are certain to excite the innovators.

Different Subjects of 3D Lessons


With The Cutaway Earth Model project, your class can develop Earth Science theories by exploring the many layers of the planet. Primary school students can strengthen their understanding of the layers of the Earth by coloring and printing individual 3D printed pieces. They’ll delight in piecing together its layers to make their own world.

Explore Meteorology from the Hurricane Patricia lesson. Class 3 to 5 students will manage to examine the climatic circumstances of a hurricane from the prospect of space. In just seven steps, they will use embossify to make physical models of storms from satellite pictures, and then use those figures to order them by their intensity.


There’s a sense of pride that students feel after they have created a sophisticated 3D print. One such endeavor is the K-12 Design Project: Freight Car & Train lesson. All it needs is five classroom sittings for pupils to create their trains and freight cars. They’ll learn to recognize and model basic CAD designs, copy them, and assemble those pictures into more general recognizable arrangements. Complete with worksheets Prezi presentations, worksheets, and step-by-step guides for each learning session, this lesson plan can be easily incorporated into a broader curriculum.

The lesson could be adapted for other grade levels and class sizes by changing the project complexity or the design. The Freight Car & Train lesson show students that their thoughts are just 3D models and structures are waiting to happen.


Empower students by providing them the liberty to engineer and create their own structures. In the Bridge Building lesson, students have the opportunity to design, create, and construct bridges. In this project, each student must design and print formations that can fit together to make a 25 cm long bridgeable of holding at least 5 kg of mass. After the 3D pieces are printed, they’ll join the parts and make their bridges for load testing.

As Thingiverse planner 2teacher4u recommends, you may want to ask the student to finish a fast report that assesses and compares their bridge to other people in the class. This report will help students look back on the engineering process and talk about what they’ve learned. The Bridge Building Lesson is an easy engineering adventure that is easily adapted for younger or older students.


Your pupils have wild, strong imaginations. With the Snowflake Machine project, your pupils can build their own individual 3D printed snowflakes. With Thingiverse’s Customizer app, the machine uses mathematical algorithms, random numbers, computer code, and more to reflect the way that snowflakes compositions are formed in real life. This 3D school projects lesson plan comes included complete with tips and tricks and demo models to help you get started.

More 3D School Projects Ideas

1. Design A Global Space Station Storage Container

At Maplewood Intermediate, instructor Lisa Hatton gave 5th grade her pupils the challenge to use a 3D learning program to design a storage box that could be used aboard the International Space Station. Pupils had to practice what they studied about the ISS and the variation in gravity on the ISS in comparison to Earth when building their designs. By operating in groups, the students were able to collaborate and devise different solutions to the storage difficulty in zero gravity!

3d school projects

2. Identify And Solve A Community Problem

At St. Stephens School, the 6th-grade pupils were asked to consider their community and recognize difficulties that people in their community might be suffering. They identified that their teacher’s younger daughter had a problem with her legs, and had to wear unique straps on them. However, the straps would continuously fall off. Using a 3D learning program, the students attempted to solve this problem by making a uniquely designed clip that would keep the straps up. And they were successful! The students produced a clip that managed to hold up the straps correctly!

3. Learn With The Buddy System

The senior pupils at Fulham North Primary used the 3D learning program as a chance to mentor the younger pupils at their school. The experienced senior pupils were paired with a younger schoolmate and taught them how to utilize the 3D learning program software. The older pupils learned precious teaching skills, and the younger ones were acquainted with the incredible potential of 3D design and printing technology. One of the first projects the senior teachers helped the younger students with was designing a personalized Christmas ornament to present to their parents!

4. Represent Your Family’s Heritage

Second-grade pupils from Mont Claire Elementary School were challenged to design a 3D object that represented the heritage of their family. The students were learning about their heritage, which was an enjoyable and really personal task where the pupils could think profoundly and integrate everything they had discovered about their family. Every student is given a chance to express their unique family history through a thoughtfully designed 3D object.

5. Create A Stationery Holder

Elanora State School pupils were asked to make their own stationery holder, which would keep their equipment organized in their desks. Students first formed their designs in a 2D drawing. The pupils alter that 2D drawing. Each student created a way to store their stationery supplies.

6. Compose And Film A Story

Year 1 Pupils used a 3D learning program to enhance their collaboration, storytelling, communication, and character development. Skills in from Scotch College Perth and Presbyterian Ladies College Perth. Each student used their imagination to create a character in the 3D design app, which they printed out. They associated with another student and used iPads to film a story that emphasized their 3D-designed character. This design took storytelling to a whole new level!

7. Prepare For A Natural Disaster

While learning about the destruction of natural disasters, the pupils at Scots College asked to design something. That would help communities harmed by a natural disaster. This cumulative task started with pupils investigating different kinds of disasters and the specific problems they create. Then pupils created a solution to the problem they had checked. After they had created designs, students considered their product and its usefulness, encouraging students to view their solution in a real-world context.

8. Design A Nation Flag

Kindergarten Pupils at St. Ann School exploited the power of 3D design when learning about the American political system. Adding this element to the discussion of political and social networks made a possibly dry subject interesting for these fresh learners.

9. Create Space Rover For A Specific Planet

At Redlands School, once a year 5 pupils were learning about the solar system they were awarded a challenge. They needed to use a space rover that would serve on the planet of their choice and explain how it would transmit data back. Students required a solid comprehension of the characteristics of the plant. They chose to be able to make a rover. Additionally, through the explanation of their rover’s design and how it would transmit information, the students practiced their writing abilities. Preparing the next generation of space explorers!

10. Produce Models Of Extinct Animals

Kate Tyrwhitt from St. Michael’s School has produced some fabulous 3D school projects plan, and one of our favorites was when she asked students to create 3D Designs of the native megafauna of Australia. Getting students interested in the distant past and history can be challenging since the concepts are abstract. Kate used 3D drawings to bring ancient megafauna of Australia into the classroom and engage her students with hands-on experience.

Fun 3D School Projects To Complete With Your Students

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