3D Printing Resources You Can Use

3D Printing Resources For K-12

20 Links To 3D Printing Resources Related To K-12 Education Programs

www.tinkercad.comTinkercard is a simple, online 3D design and 3D app for everyone. It can be used by teachers, students, and hobbyists to make various models.

www.solidworks.com – Solidworks is a solid modeling CAD program that runs on MS Windows. This software is suitable for engineers, designers, and other technology professionals interested in using 3D for their designs.

www.sketchup.comSketchup is a perfect mix of simplicity and functionality. It has a relatively user-friendly interface suitable for intermediate users who want to 3D print models.

www.123dapp.com – 123D is a free, simple, and yet powerful 3D printing resource that can support most 3D printers.

www.blokify.comBlokify is a 3D printing app that enables children to create toys to play with either virtually or physically.

www.doodle3d.comDoodle 3D is a simple-to-use software where you can create your designs with few simple steps. It allows for wireless printing almost on any 3D printer.

www.3dslash.net3D Splash is a free, fun, and fast modeling tool suitable for non-designer people of all ages. Everything about this app is very easy and K12 students will love it.

www.autodesk.com – The inventor developed by Autodesk Inc. is a 3D computer-aided design (CAD) app. That offers an easy-to-use set of tools specifically for mechanical designs and product simulation.

Best 3D Printing Resources

www.drawin3d.com – Draw in 3D is an intuitive 3D drawing application that is very simple to use. You can create 3D objects by just dragging your finger across the screen.

www.3dtin.com3DTin is a free online application that does not require any installation. It is a browser-based 3D modeling tool that is both easy to use and intuitive. It is suitable for beginners.

www.einsteinsworkshop.comEinsteinsworkshop is an application designed for hands-on STEAM learning. It aims at inspiring children and adults in their exploration and developing science and engineering concepts.

www.leothemakerprince.comLeo, the Maker Prince, is designed for teaching children of all age 3D printing.

www.gravitysketch.comGravity Sketch is an intuitive and easy to use application based on sketching. It is the best way to transform your imagination into reality.

www.3dsystems.com – Make.Digital is an educational initiative by 3D systems that provide educational 3D printing resources to kids and school curriculums.

www.potterygame.com Pottery is a fun and innovative application where you can quickly make pottery and then have them 3D printed.

www.cubify.comCubify Invent is easy to learn 3D modeling application Aimed at helping users to create 3D printable files quickly. This resource has since been moved to www.3dsystems.com.

www.tinkercad.com TinkerCAD is a simple, online 3D design and printing application ideal for beginners. It allows you to either share or saves online your designs.

www.kidscreationstation.com – Kids Creation Station is an application that uses 3D printing technology. To visualize your child’s imagination in a three-dimensional space.

www.makersempire.comMakers Empire is a complete 3D printing learning program designed to empower K-8 students with 21st-century skills.

www.ultimatemaker.com – Cura software by Ultimaker is free to download an application that makes the most of Ultimate 3D printers. For novice users, it makes it easy to get great results and for experts, they will have over 200 settings to adjust to their needs.

3D Printing Resources You Can Use

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